Muravera is the main city in the Sarrabus area and is located in the south east coast of Sardinia, on the river valley of Flumendosa, in a favourable position between the seaside and the hills. This area boasts a beautiful lagoon system, including the ponds of Feraxi, Colostrai, Salinas and San Giovanni. Ponds, one of the elegant flamingos’ favourite destinations are a fundamental resource from a naturalistic point of view, as well as an unmissable beauty spot for all birdwatchers, hikers and for all wildlife lovers. You can also visit San Nicola di Bari ‘s Church (The Patron Saint of Muravera, celebrated on 6th December), the former nineteenth century Comunal Palace (nowadays an ethnographical museum), the “Portico Petretto”, and the distinctive “Casa dei candelai” (an ancient local house, recently renovated, which houses various craftmenship shows, cultural events and a permanent wax exhibition.

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