Route of the oasis

Recommended for those who love nature, birdwatching, the pristine views. Suitable for Mountain bikes, but also in the car and on foot. Paved and unpaved roads. The full path is recommended by bike or on horseback, and includes a visit to the lagoons Colostrai and Feraxi. Fifteen hundred acres of lagoons, 18 ecosystems, rare bird species in the Mediterranean, productivity with high fish two fish, basalt and granite beaches, all this in one word: oasis Colostrai. The path ends at the sandy shoreline Feraxi, characterized by extensive dunes of remarkable beauty and juniper trees.

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Mont'Arbiu's Route

The route through the forest of Mont’Arbu characterized by 1600 hectares of Mediterranean vegetation cover in high and holm oak. Recommended for those who love contact with nature and photography as it often is possible to see the wildlife that populates. Recommended for lovers nature and loves photo. High chance to meet the Sardinian deer and golden eagle, numerous endemic plant species in an intact forest of Quercus ilex, strawberry tree heather and the famous Mount Etna broom. The departure of the route is recommended Camisa, one of the villages of the town of Castiadas, but you can also leave the museum opened as a penal colony.

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Monte Ferru's Route

A route from the content-geological nature in which trachytic rocks are granite rocks and immersed in the bush sclerophyllous evergreen mastic, Ginepro fenicio ed tree euphorbias. Close to the summit of Mount Ferru indicates the presence of the homonymous tower built in the fifteenth century.

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