The flavors of the earth


It is a typical specialty of the southern area of the island, packed with the use of eggplant, tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, but also basil, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and salt, all wrapped in a soft dough. Its shape is circular with thick edges and raised: the secret of its taste is all in the quality of the ingredients.



Sardinia is famous for its roast, whose preparation is as essential as capable of creating unforgettable dishes. The roast goat meat is one of the specialties of the whole area south eastern Sardinian, characterized by a strong taste and wild, strictly to serve with wine. The dish that is coveted in the town of San Vito is repeated every year the festival of “piece de Sa craba”, frequented by tourists and locals.



Here’s another roast that made the reputation of the island: roast suckling pig, typical Sardinian, For decades it has become a taste to which the tourists from every corner of the world became captivated. The long cooking allows you to put on the table a soft and tasty meat, served with fresh vegetables, excellent cheese and local wine. Do not pass up the possibility to taste the ravioli stuffed with fresh cheese or potato and culingionis de casu (ravioli stuffed with potato and cheese) and malloreddus, a paste feature of the island usually topped with a good sauce to campidanese. Also particularly tasty wild asparagus growing during the long and exciting season Spring served as a sauce for pasta excellent, in an omelet or as an accompaniment to tasty local meat.


The Flavors of the Sea


It would be a crime not to enjoy this dish that possesses in itself the essence of coastal Sardinia. This is done using the spawning season, a first plate packaged with the use of fresh semolina which takes the form of small balls, to merge with the freshest clams: everything is flavored with the excellent extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and parsley. A delicacy that deserves to be tasted.



The rocky shoreline of the island’s south-east coast is full of colorful curly, whose eggs are known for their intense, aromatic taste of the sea. It is no coincidence that the pasta with sea urchin is one of the most popular dishes along the coast and the hinterland. During the summer, the specialty is unfortunately absent from the tables of the best ristornati the area because of the biological rest period imposed for the protection of the species. Moreover, the tradition of the island is quite clear about: according to a local saying the curls is always better to eat during the months that have the R in the name, because tastier and richer.



Not by chance is called the gold of Sardinia and given the long preparation which is subjected it is easy to understand why. This is the ovarian sac mullet, that is salted in late summer, pressed and left to dry following a procedure rather old. The roe is served in countless variations: can flavor savory pastries sea or be offered as a tasty appetizer, maybe flavored with extra virgin olive oil from the olive groves of the area. Produced on-site at both Feraxi both San Giovanni, the roe is a specialty of which no one can deprive its.


Bread and Desserts


It is a bread product in typically Sarrabus, that very closely resembles a crown in the center with a small hole, often decorated by the skilled hands of Sardinian women, that in San Vito becomes the protagonist of cursa Su Coccoi.



Along with the myrtle and the roast suckling pig, sebadas are one of the dishes for which Sardinia is known worldwide. The sweet, a tasty blend of semolina, flour, and pecorino cheese, served fried and topped with honey or sugar.



Typical of the area of San Vito, are packaged with the use of sapa prickly pears, sweet and full of all the scent of Sardinia.

Deserve mention the Citrus the area, cultivated with particular success in Muravera them celebrated every year during the spring. All along the south-east coast you can enjoy oranges, mandarins, clementines, fragrant lemons and grapefruits.


Wines and Spirits

The delights of Sardinian table must be accompanied at the local wine. Among the most popular and appreciated for its thickness and its fragrance, it is impossible not to remember Cannonau with the note name below Capo Ferrato, a red wine that is well associated with dishes from land and sea. The tasty Parolto, the Elmo, and Monica di Sardegna Genis, with Rei and Vermentino Notteri and Praidis all from Castiadas that produces wine cellar, according to the typical Sarrabese tradition since 1959. To round off a Sardinian feast is impossible not to taste the liquor that made the reputation of the beautiful Sardinia myrtle to begin with, obtained by maceration of myrtle berries fact, the fil’e ferru, spirits of ours, but also and limoncello liqueur with citrus.