Spiaggia di San Giovanni

The vast beach is towered by the Torre dei Dieci Cavalli, and is surrounded by the green Mediterranean maquis. This wide quartzous sandy beach is the closest one to the town centre, and all its amenities make the ideal relaxing place for families and for the disabled.

Torre Salinas

A very large beach typified by very fine sand and surrounded by an untouched countryside, it welcomes its visitors with amazing colours that go from the bright green of the vegetation to the blue of the water. Its sea is crystal clear. On the right you can find the squarish tower “torre delle Saline” built in the seventeenth century. You can reach the tower following the countryside path on foot to enjoy the breathtaking view.


The beach is nearly 2 km long and is surrounded by the mediterranian maquis. It is protected by the most amazing, fine and quartzous beach dunes. The sea is characterized by very shallow waters. The vegetation vivid colours in contrast with the pale colours of the sand and the water make it a spellbinding view.


The beach stretches for over 2.5 km to the extuary of the Rio Corr’e Pruna. This is a particularly beautiful coastline,with no tarmac roads, but full of countryside paths that lead to a wide beach immersed in the Mediterranean maquis. Its fine white sand is hoarded by the wind behind the beach and its dunes are abundant with vegetation. In the immediate surroundings you can find a pinewood.

Portu de S'Illixi / Cala Sa Figu

Thanks to the unevenness of the area, the varied vegetation and the crystal clear water these two creeks are an ideal spot if you wish to have a little more privacy… The first one is a small cove among the cliffs of the Capo Ferrato promontory, in which you will be able to find a suggestive beach divided in two parts by a red rock. On the left, in proximity of the water you will be able to spot a second and very secluded beach called Cala Sa Figu. This creek is separated from the main one by a rocky stripe and its perfect anphitheatre shape makes it look like a real natural theatre.

Capo Ferrato

The granitic rocky coves make it one of the most picturesque spots in the Sardinian East coast. Its name clearly refers to the fact that the vulcanic rocks in this area are very rich in iron. The most amazing and suggestive tiny creeks are characteristic of the Capo Ferrato headline.

Costa Rei

Costa Rei Bay is the Sardinian South–East coastline that stretches about 7.5 km North from the”Scoglio di Peppino” to the red ”Capo Ferrato cliffs. In this long coastline, protected by the North –Westerly wind, you can enjoy a calm sea most of the year. The spectacular beach is renowned for its width and its crystal clear water, which in proximity to the rocks it forms some natural pools.All the shoreline is protected by a thick and lush Mediterranian vegetation.

Scoglio di Peppino

“Scoglio di Peppino” is a massive 30 metres long very pale block of granite in the shape of a whale, which features a small cove wth very shallow water. There is a juniper forest in the shelter of the rock, a typical tree of the Sardinian coast maquis. There are a lot of interesting legends based on the famous rock… You can reach the rock by swimming south the Mimosa del Mare Beach, and beyond it you will enter the Castiadas area.